Satan needs to check the thermostat

I got a job!! Well, not a super-professional, college graduate job, but a job that will pay bills eventually. Kind of freaking out about said bills at the moment. I put stuff on my credit during the move so I have to pay current bills AND credit next month. It'll be tough, but makes me more fiscal I guess.

So the job. I'll be learning to be a cheesemonger at a local market. Really odd that I had secretly wanted to work in a cheese making small farm before graduation. It's like something you would see on Oprah's 'law of attraction' shows. I do have to study my butt off though even if I do know some types already. I'm pretty excited about this; the learning, the helping people try blues for the first time, or just saying I've tasted so many varieties. It may not get me praise from my parents, but I can see the benefits beyond money.

Torchwood: I sooooo love this show! I love even more that I can now recordify with my new DVR and watch it many times over!! So glad that jack was back to not being all somber in 'meat'. I think next week or after that is when Martha from DW comes over.

Yeah, so now I'm going to craigslist to see how much I could sell my guitar hero for if I need the money.
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Bye Aggieland!!

So all my stuff is set and packed. I'm spending my last night in College Station! I go off in to the unknown, scary world of Dallas/Fort Worth tomorrow. I do find it odd that if you forget what I've posted here earlier, I'm pretty excited about moving to a new place where I don't know anyone. I'll have actual places to go and see (museums, botanical gardens) and Harper will love the dog friendly complex we're in.

After my big money post I do have some good news. A family member did deposit some money for me to help with the $265 dollar ticket. And I found an express, walmart, and target gift card in a random box! I guess they were from graduation or last christmas.

I do find it interesting to see how I've changed since starting college. I was so depressed my first two years that I did nothing but leave my room for school and food. i valued myself so much on what i thought I was supposed to do and not on what made me happy. As I'm going now, I'm actually excited about maybe getting a job in a food market. As someone who went in wanting nuclear medicine, it's odd. I know I want to do something with food. This market is great because I could help local people get good local/organic food. I'm even going to look in to something I saw on the tv. Schools are setting up programs to get fresh produce to urban kids. it was something my food science prof talked about but just now took root. I'm also going to look at more "green jobs". You can thank monday nights on discovery home for that.

So yeah, not to ramble on, I'm taking a new step in to a bigger city. Let's hope it turns out more like ugly betty than L&O SVU. :)

Stupid pig

Life sucks! That's it, end of story. How can things possibly get worse? In moving to fort worth in a week and have no money. I don't even have a job lined up there yet. I don't know how I'm going to pay my bills on the tenth because I think my savings will be gone by then. ......AND THEN I GET A TICKET!!

Yep, its bad karma or something. So now I have to find at least 135 dollars in the next ten days. The guy said I rolled through the stop sign, but I was turning left and don't see how I could have.

So I might have to go blubbering to my parents now that they have already come down and helped me move some things. They just spent money on me and now I will have to ask for more.

I'm going to pout now. :(
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Christmas 07

Christmas 07
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I have really passed the point of lazy! I've meant to post for the longest time and never put in the extra two minutes to do it! I'm still reading my lj lots but not really wanting to write anything down. lol, it will just prove how little I'm doing in RL.

I'm good. Well, beyond stressed actually. I'm moving to Fort Worth (dallas) at the end of the month and don't feel ready at all. I'm ready, however, its going to strap me of cash this time. I'm praying I don't have to rent a trailer because they are $108 for two days!! My dad is coming to help this time so i won't be by myself at least. I don't have a job yet though there are many many many applications out there I just can't get an answer to. i know I'm a good employee that needs to be hired because now that I've put out that I'm leaving, everyone is telling me that they don't want to be left with just the other girls that dont do anything but take food from the kitchen to eat. At least I can feel good in being an accomplished server/beer girl. :/

Harper is about a year now though I can't believe it. She did good at home though mom's lotion was a big temptation for her. She always jumped at mom but no one else. She really liked having that much space!

lt's all dusty!

I'm still alive people. I may not have been on the interweb lots lately but i'm still around. Just doing the same stuff as the past four months: work, play with the pup, not get jobs. Seems really exciting I know...

I DID make bark this week though. Three types in fact: semi sweet chocolate with cayenne and pecans, andes and bittersweet chocolate, and dark chocolate bottom with white chocolate/thin mint top. ....I really don't want chocolate for at least a month!! My fridge gives me a headache every time I open it. This is what I'm giving everyone for christmas since they know I'm beyond broke and won't take any money from them.

oh one thing to note is that work at the bar has given me a fabulous gay man to hang out with all the time now. I will really miss him most when I move (which is planned for Jan twenty something). He's a cool guy that I've been going to the bars with lately. *sigh*, and he just got the sweetest Italian Greyhound yesterday!

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Well, I'm still not a professionally employed person> That's not really surprising.

I'm starting the gift hunting for this year and am even more aware how much I need some more income. It's also been told to me that my gran has gone off the deep end and i need to make sure to spend lots of time with her this holiday. Pretty much the opposite of joyful, I know. that's how it's gonna go this year I think. to the happy stuff! Just another video because I can't get this song out of my head.


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I just earned my gold star in bug spraying. I'm beyond grossed out.

I'm starting to pick a city for which I wish to move to. I think it's between Dallas or Austin. I kind of want to just go all in and say Denver but that's too far for a first big move. I've got so much stuff to do before january! lol, sad thing is my current list is probably not even half of what I really need. I also start loan payments in Jan. so it'll be stressful to say the least. Good thing is I have uni friends from everywhere that can advise me.

I did talk to my mom about it and it went well. She at least acted like she understood.

hmm, and the stress free moment of the week: I got my new couch on Friday! Moved everything around 50 times, but it's here now.

I'm not proud of myself

I'm not proud of myself. It's a fact I've come to see in the past month. I mean, come on, I'm working as a bartender at a restaurant! Not that it is a bad job, but I'm a college graduate with good grades and have always been a cut above the rest. So why am I the one with the crappy apt and no career!?!? I've seen friends on facebook lately; the friends that you thought would do nothing with their lives. And guess what...they have good jobs, houses of their own, and most are married! Just make me feel like I fail at life. Makes me know that I do really.

*sigh*, I know I should be better off now than I am. I want more than this. My biggest news of the week was that I made my first pie from scratch!! That's all I'm able to do at the moment.

Above breakdown is by way of my parents. They don't seem to realize that I'm trying to get a better job. That I don't like where I am now. They surprise visited me over my birthday and left very disappointed. My dad now calls me tonight to *pep talk* me! As if I needed it. Does he think I busted my ass through college to serve food my whole life? Does he think I like sharing my apt with roaches? Apparently so. He offered help that I don't want, and told me I need to look for more jobs. I believe I've been doing that thank you very much!

No, I can't explain why I havent gotten a call back, let alone and interview for any of the lab jobs I've applied for. Just makes me feel worse. But im not just sitting here either. I'm scared that I'm just going to have to move to Dallas to get a better job. They've got to have more, but I don't want to leave without a net there in place.

I'm just very mad/disappointed/frustrated/clueless at the moment. I was voted most likely to succeed in high school and yet I can't even get an adult job. Go me. :/