Sleeping away time

another broke student
6 October 1984
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Yes, I said howdy. It's really habit by now. Most of my real time is spent doing one assignment or another for my classes or taking care of my English Springer Spaniel, Harper. I'm a BIO major at Texas A&M...WHOOP!! NOTE: me=teh dork over Harry Potter and tv shows like Doctor Who and Heroes, k? Seriously, that's going to be talked about a lot here. There's not that much that happens here, but I still post anyways. ;)

New music is a gift from above. Right now the love is a lot of indie/alternative sounding stuff like bloc party, maximo park, okkervil river, the pigeon detectives and the Ok Go. I always take recs as well, so don't feel shy if you've found a new love and want to share because I do it very often. I've got lists of stuff I want and also what I have.

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